When I started this page, I thought about just how many folks I could dedicate this page to - people who deserved mention.  My parents - Jack and Winnie Vancil.  My teachers - Clarice Goldsmith, Nancy Hartwell, and Eddie Byrd.  My early inspirations:  Bonnie Henson, Karen Howard, and Kenny Renshaw.  My later inspirations:  Bill and Kathleen Masino, and Gordon Lyons.  The congregation of the First Baptist Church of Holcomb.  The other church musicians and singers:  Betty Biggs and Beth True, who I worked with more than anyone else, and really grew most comfortable with,  Brother Bill Lutrell,  Brother Tim Abanathy,  Brother Avy Gardner,  Karen Howard,  Kenny Renshaw,  Greg Carter,  Ruth Rollins,  Susan True,  Wanda Olds,  Wanda Gallaher,  Irene Newsom,  Gentry Vancil,  Jody Vancil,  Marki Hargrave, and  Linda Abanathy.  And a big thanks to Frank Kirk for the sheet music to what is still my favorite gospel song to play, forty years later:  City of Gold.

The members of the Holcomb school bands, conducted by Eddie Byrd.  My section leaders:  Diane,  David M.,  Mark S., Dennis.  The NorthEast Arkansas Symphony Orchestra of 1979, and conductor Neale Bartee,  Stan Head,  Ed Alexander, Tommy (whose last name I can't recall), and Bob Bidewell.

The bands I've played in, and musicians I've performed with.  The members of Midtown, Polar, Sabre, and Entropy.  Jason W., Mark "Animal" H., Wade, John,  Keith C., Timmy M., Rick T., Rick S., David T.,  Buford, Kevin K., Tommy W., Donna, Jeff, Jason S., Kevin R., Tom D., Sean, Brad, Tracey, Jody H., Scotty, Sammy, and Mark V. - fine musicians all.  And the musicians I've met from Carfax, Dave S. and all of his crew,  and my guys, Jacob and Chris.

But there's one guy who stands out from all the others - the truest enthusiast of music that I know, a bandmate, a friend, and even in many ways a mentor.  What I know about sound equipment I owe to him.  Much that I know about synthesizers, I owe to him.  And what ambition I have musically, I owe to him.  He's been critic, encourager, believer, and friend.  He's a talented percussionist and guitarist, and sound man.

His name is Bobby Wheeling.

Bobby has been a constant presence in much of what I've done musically.  He got me started in various bands, and whenever I start doing any project, I generally have some questions for him.  He's always been willing to help, and more importantly, in the words of one of my favorite movies, he's "a dreamer, and the world needs more dreamers."

Bobby - thanks for all you've done in encouraging me, in helping me along, teaching me about sound equipment, and all the hours we spent playing.  It was a blast.