Site Dedication

Travis Acton

November 25, 1972 - June 2, 2008

My big guy is gone.  The finest defender I've ever known, a wonderful teammate, a loyal and devoted friend, and a big supporter of my basketball site.  The man who watched my back, and set my picks. 

Over many years, Travis made me a better player than I was.  He erased the mistakes I made.  He chastised me when I made mistakes that I should have known better than to make.  Sometimes, he picked me up when I was down - sometimes, he kicked me when I was down - whichever it was that I needed to encourage me to keep giving it what I had.  He never let me settle for less than my best effort.

He paid me with compliments - he paid me with curse words.  He carried me - he dropped me and made me stand on my own two feet.  He pleaded - he threatened.  He encouraged - he insulted.  After all - that's what a teammate does - he uses his skills to help you get the best out of your skills.  He pushes you to the next level.  For many years, Travis did that for me - both on and off the court.

He was not a gentle giant.  Travis could be mean and nasty on the court.  I've taken my share of bruises, floorburns, and hard fouls playing against him.  My opponents have taken their share when they've played against him, too.  He loved the physical game, and he loved being the intimidator.

Travis was a big man - a shot-blocking center with an unquenchable passion for defense.  He's the finest defender I've ever played with.  He's the finest defender I've ever known.  And I will miss him.

You let me down, Big Guy.  You were supposed to stick the game out with me.  But you're my friend and teammate just the same.  I wish you could have seen the new site.  I think you'd have liked it.

As of June 2, 2008, there's a gaping hole in the lane, and points just got a lot cheaper.