Joe's Basketball Site

This page details my interest in many different areas of basketball.  It is divided into four main parts:  Playing, Watching, Talking, and Coaching.

In the Playing Basketball section, you'll find my career stats (sad though they be), scouting reports on players I play with or against frequently, and classic basketball stories about games I've played in, players I've played with, and old match-ups that were somehow fun.

In the Watching Basketball section, you'll find my thoughts on the NBA, basketball in general, and even my takes on which players I like and dislike.

In the Talking Basketball section, you'll find links to various basketball message boards I post on,  links to my basketball blog, and a basketball message board set up on this site.  There are also resources I use for basketball history and historical statistics.

In the Coaching Basketball section, you'll find links to my Upward Basketball teams,  Show-Me Games Greyhound teams, and perhaps (if I ever get it online) my playbook!

Enjoy the site! 

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